Founded by two lawyers, National Practice Transitions is a full service brokerage firm providing transition consulting and brokerage services exclusively to dentists through its principals and territory representatives since 1996.  Our philosophy is to provide our clients with unparalleled service, integrity and results.

Whether you are contemplating selling your practice, now or in the future, or bringing in an associate or partner, NPT offers an array of services including:

  • Transition Consulting
  • Practice Appraisals
  • Practice Sales
  • Patient and Staff Retention Strategies
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Associate Placement
  • Partnerships

The NPT Advantage

Face-To-Face Consultations.* Your practice is one of your most important assets. Making the decision as to how and when to transition it requires your understanding of current market conditions and transition options available to you. We will meet with you face-to-face at your practice to answer all your questions and to tailor-fit a transition plan that’s right for you. Furthermore, we’ll accompany pre-qualified candidates to the practice, after hours, to meet with you and tour the facilities.

Commission-Free Real Estate Sales. If you own and wish to sell the real estate in which your practice is located simultaneously with the sale of your practice, we negotiate the sale price on your behalf commission-free. That’s a substantial savings to our clients compared to other brokers that charge up to 10% commissions on the entire sale - including the real estate.

Retention Strategies. Maintaining your patient base and staff is crucial to a practice sale. The two combined make up the majority of the goodwill of the practice which is primarily what the value of your practice is derived from. We will advise you as to how and when to notify your staff and patients in order to maximize retention. We will prepare and provide you with draft letters to your patients as well as advise you as to how to conduct your staff meeting introducing the buyer.

Professional Background and Experience.  Our team of territory representatives consists of trained and experienced individuals with degrees in law, accounting, taxation, real estate, or financing which better serves our clients in negotiations as well as tax structuring.  We consult with your accountant and negotiate the allocation of the sale price in order to minimize your tax liabilities from the sale.

Practice Appraisal. We will provide you with a formal written appraisal of your practice utilizing valuation methods recognized by The Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) for the purpose of determining fair market value. We have prepared hundreds of practice appraisals, and as a result, our appraised value is accepted by all of the major lending institutions.

No-Cost Legal Draft Documents. We provide our clients, free of charge, with draft legal documents related to the sale of their practice to minimize legal costs.

*Note: Face-To-Face Consultations are dependent upon geographical location. NPT is currently in the process of expanding our services nationwide by locating highly qualified representatives nationally. In areas currently without a local representative, NPT provides transition consultation by alternate means and pre-qualifies candidates prior to sending them to the practice, after hours, to meet with you and tour the facilities.