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National Practice Transitions (NPT) is a full service brokerage firm providing transition consulting and brokerage services exclusively to dentists through its founders and territory representatives since 1996. 

Our goal is to provide you with all the resources of a large national firm, coupled with exceptional, face-to-face service of a small local business.  We take great pride in our impeccable reputation for integrity, level of service provided, and results.

NPT has the expertise and experience to help with all stages for a dental practice. Whether you are ready to retire with an exit strategy, looking to update your career path, or whether you are just starting out, we can help you every step of the way.  Our services offered include: practice sales, appraisals, associate placement, transition consulting for future sale, partnerships, and buyer representation (we are NOT a dual representation firm). We have a 99% success rate in our practice sales and a 100% success rate with practices we have sold, meaning we have never had a buyer fail or default post-closing.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of owners directly.  We have a team of experienced professionals with a vast array of backgrounds including dental, legal, sales, accounting, marketing, and finance available to help with successful dental practice transitions, negotiations, and related legal and tax planning services.

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I would like to thank you for your expertise with the sale of my dental practice; we truly couldn’t have done it without you.  I personally appreciate your sound advice and knowledge of all aspects of our practice transition, flexibility in accommodating our needs and the needs of prospective buyers, and the fact that you always kept me up to date with what was going on.  You made me feel like the sale of my practice was your top priority by returning all of my calls promptly, answering all of my questions honestly and without hesitation, and assisting with every aspect of the sale from market analysis to legal issues.  It was also clear that you not only had my best interest in mind, but the best interest of the buyer.  Once the practice was sold, you continued to follow up to make sure we were happy.

Thank you for your hard work and integrity.  I would highly recommend NPT to anyone thinking of buying or selling a dental practice.



- Steven M. Lovelace, DMD
Manchester, CT

Thank you again for all your help in the transition of my practice. You were "always there" when needed and made the process very smooth. It has been very easy to recommend you, without any reservation, to my friends and colleagues in the dental community.

- Rick Moore, DDS
Jewett City, CT

"Bernie, What more can we say but thank you! You and NPT did a wonderful job for us. We are very grateful! Best wishes to you and your family!"

- Drs. Scott & Lesley Baratz

You won’t find a better group to work with than NPT. They fulfilled all their promises and played an integral role in the sale and transition of my practice. I highly recommend them.

- T. Repko, DDS
Mystic, CT

We want to thank you for your help and patience throughout this lengthy process. It is greatly appreciated!

- Drs. Sumeet Saxena & Ambreen Bawa
Hadley, MA

I want to thank you most sincerely for all your hard work with the sale of my practice. I'm really impressed and I don't impress very easily. You're a class act, making this as painless and pleasurable as could be. I would highly recommend your services to anyone!

- Alan Sonn, DMD
Brookfield, CT

Working with NPT and their team made the difference in selling my practice in a timely fashion.  Their personal touch, attention to detail, resourcefulness and ability to find creative solutions to get the job done, allowed me to transition into retirement with ease.  I highly recommend NPT to any dentist who is looking for new practice opportunities or assistance with transitioning their current practice.


- Jabour T. Bethoney, D.D.S.
Putnum, CT

I was somewhat reluctant to begin this process, NPT and in particular Dr. Fred Bacon, were able to guide me through the process. Working with Fred and NPT proved to be very rewarding, personally and financially. NPT has an extensive network of contacts, and presented only credible candidates. They were very determined to work with my many difficulties and inexperience, and guide me through to completion. I recommend NPT without reservation to anyone seeking a professional transition.

- Joseph F. Dove, DDS
Shelby County, TN

We have had the pleasure of working with NPT and Amanda Christy for multiple practice sales and acquisitions over the past few years. Amanda and her team provide exceptional professional service and provide fair valuations for both Buyer and Seller. Amanda has an excellent understanding of the transition process and is extremely knowledgeable and efficient with all facets of the acquisition process. We will continue to work exclusively with NPT in the future and would absolutely recommend Amanda and NPT to colleagues for their transition needs.

- Mark Tripp, DDS
Mecklenberg County, NC

I retired recently after 42 years of practicing dentistry in Bristol, Connecticut. The idea of retiring was something I pushed in the back of my mind as I would deal with it when the time arose. When this occasion did occur I accumulated material from the A.D.A. and various dental practice magazines. This was a quagmire of information and I was sinking into it. I decided then to use a practice broker. I was very fortunate in selecting the NPT. Dan Baccari and Scott Cabral were extremely informative and helpful in the sale of my practice. In addition, both of them along with their office staff were very pleasant to deal with. They also aided the buyer in locating the financial resources to consummate the transaction. I highly recommend them to any dentist who is thinking of selling their practice.

- Joel M. Dinowitz, D.D.S.
Bristol, CT

Working with National Practice Transitions could not have been a better experience. Dan and NPT were terrific. They were on top of all the details from the beginning and were always looking out for my best interest. Their knowledge and experience was extensive making the process easy and I cannot thank Dan and NPT enough.

- Edward Donley, DMD
Watertown, MA

After 43 years of general practice, I was fortunate to find the firm NPT to sell my practice when I was ready to retire.  I found this firm to be helpful, knowledgeable, and always available with advice and suggestions.  I must say their attention to detail and knowledge of their field resulted in a smooth and satisfying transition of my practice to the succeeding dentist.  I can heartily recommend this firm, without reservation, to anyone contemplating using their services.  I cannot imagine taking this step in my life without their professional help.


- Anthony M. Martin, DDS
New Bedford, MA

There are times in life when a simple thanks will suffice, but I would like to truly express my most sincere gratitude to Scott Cabral, Dr. Fred Bacon and those associated with National Practice Transitions. It's easy to say that they are a great group of dental brokerage consultants that are professional, efficient, and highly effective at selling dental practices, but that would sell them short.

- Reed David, DDS
Gatlinburg, TN

I am so glad a colleague suggested I give you a call! You have helped me achieve a dream I’ve held for so long. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. The entire purchasing process was comfortable for me and a lot of that had to do with you and your integrity. Thank you so much.

- Steve Goodwin, DMD
Suffield, CT

The sale and transition have been wonderful. It was smooth & very satisfying. Easy for me because 2 great, competent dentists with high integrity took over the practice. I can honestly say they are the best dentists around. Thank you Jason and NPT!

- Timothy Tschanz, DDS
Warren County, OH

Making the decision to sell your practice is not an easy one. However, I knew that working with Scott Cabral and his team would be much easier than trying to do things on my own. NPT did an outstanding job coordinating all the pieces and putting together the package that resulted in the sale of my practice with very little stress. I would recommend NPT to anyone considering selling or planning ahead to sell their practice.

- Mary Jane Hanlon, DMD
Lexington, MA

Your help in negotiating a fair deal for both parties, smoothing out snags from the lawyers, informing the staff of the transition plan, and follow-up advice after the sale were all invaluable.

- Helen Molloy, DMD
Falmouth, MA

My experience with Scott Cabral and National Practice Transitions was excellent. Scott more than earned his fee. His ability to formulate the deal, shepard it and then promote a smooth closing were very necessary and appreciated.

- Alan L. Ross, DMD
Torrington, CT

I would like to thank NPT and especially Dr. Fred Bacon for not giving up on the sale of my practice. I think I gave them a real challenge, but they came through with the kind of deal that suited my situation perfectly. I highly recommend NPT for any sale or transition.

- Joseph M. Ross, DDS
White County, TN

NPT was very knowledgeable about the practice I was looking at and the dental industry in the area. They were very accessible and prompt to answer questions I had.

- Joshua M. Erekson, D.D.S.
Charlotte, NC

Our experience with NPT was excellent from start to finish. Amanda was wonderful to work with. She's a great communicator, responsive & did an outstanding job helping us navigate several unexpected hurdles. We had lots of questions & both Scott & Amanda were very patient with answering all of them & helping to walk us through the process. If you want a broker who is undoubtedly on your team, we can recommend Amanda Christy & NPT without reservations.

- Charles H. Simpson III, DDS, PA
Wake County, NC

I recently worked with Amanda Christy and NPT to sell my dental practice. Amanda was very patient; it took me almost a year from the time I initially spoke with her to decide that selling was the right decision for me. She worked very closely with me to make sure that I was comfortable with the process and also with the buyer. There was no request that she could not fulfill and she was in constant contact with me throughout the entire sale. She provided resources and contacts who were familiar with the sales process and this helped to ease my anxiety as well as making the process move quickly and smoothly. I would definitely recommend NPT and Amanda Christy to any dentist who is planning on selling their practice.

- Shannon L. Moran, DDS, PA
Mecklenburg County, NC

Now that the deal is done, I want to be sure that you know how valuable your representation and assistance have been in the sale of my practice. I truly feel I have been well served, carefully guided and intelligently advised at every step of the very intricate process... Please know that I sincerely appreciate all your skill, your unfailing responsiveness, and the clear focus of your interest. You are a "pro" in every sense of the word and I suspect you realize that I'm not an easy grader.

- James J. Healy, DMD
Sudbury, MA

"My experience with Dan Baccari and NPT was entirely positive from the first contact through the closing of the sale of my practice. Because NPT pre-registers the buyers, Dan was able to set up interviews with nine qualified buyers within a very short time after listing my practice. I was able to consider a number of offers and select the best fit for my practice. Dan and Rick McNamara were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend NPT and Dan Baccari."

- Jeanne Velde, DMD
Essex County, MA

I am forever grateful for the long days, weeks and months that Amanda Christy sacrificed sleepless nights with numerous text messages and phone calls to make this transaction a success for both the buyer and myself.

- Joy Graves, DMD
Fayetteville, NC

"Thanks to NPT and Jason, I have fulfilled my dream of retirement in sunny Florida. Selling a practice in a small town can be very difficult but Jason made it a very smooth transition!"

- Dr. Pat Long DDS
Shadyside, OH

Just a short note to thank you for helping me with the sale of my dental practice. Although the circumstances were somewhat difficult, the transition was made easier with your guidance.

- Matthew B. Sandler, D.M.D
Weymouth, MA

"Making the decision to sell your dental practice is very difficult. The process of selling your practice can also be difficult. Fortunately, I had the assistance of Dan Baccari and NPT who made the process easy. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable. With their expertise and guidance, the transition was seamless. I would highly recommend Dan and NPT to anyone planning this Transition."

- Joyce Siogros-Pepi, DMD
Bristol County, MA

If you want to work with a firm to facilitate the sale of your client's practice with amazing efficiency and professionalism, you'll never do better than NPT!  They dot the i's and cross the t's like no other.  Their ability to stay with the deal until it's done is superb.  Their efforts are worth every penny of the cost.

- Paul Richards, CPA
Needham, MA

I want to thank Dr. Fred Bacon for all of your time, understanding and hard work on helping with the sale of my practice. With you being a retired dentist and having gone through a transition yourself, I felt very comfortable working with you, as well as your knowledge, on both sides of the dental business. You have a keen understanding of the expectations, the process of moving forward and the opportunities that were available that I experience during this change in my life. Your representation of all involved was invaluable.

- James C. Lowman, III, DMD
Elmore County, AL

NPT and Dr. Bernie Kowalski made it easy to market and sell my practice with their thorough knowledge, continual follow-up, and providing necessary advice throughout every step of the way to the closing. Thank you again.

- H.V. Dalsania, DDS
Lehigh County, PA

"Bernie has been diligent in the sale of my practice. I would recommend anyone looking to buy or sell their practice go through Bernie at NPT. He was readily available no matter when to show the practice every time a buyer came to the office. His commitment speaks volumes compared to some other transition companies. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns." Thank you. 

- Evelyne Hanein DDS, College Hill Dental Group
Easton, PA

I had been looking to transition for six years. I had enlisted five other transition companies before discovering NPT. You were the first company to come up with not just one, but two suitable buyers. You sold my practice for full value.

- Thomas Williams, DDS
Dayton, OH

My thanks go out to Amanda Christy and National Practice Transitions. I had a hard deadline to sell my practice before moving out of state, and Amanda came through. My practice was marketed well, and she was always available to answer questions and review the process. When it came down to negotiations, her experience with all aspects of dental practice sales definitely came through. And there was no doubt Amanda was on my side! I would not hesitate to call her and NPT again for any future practice transition needs that may arise. Thanks for all your help Amanda.

- Susan T. Lance, DDS
Craven County, NC

“Thank you doesn’t convey the sentiments I have for making the sale of my practice go so smoothly and with ease.  NPT exceeded and surpassed any and all expectations I could have imagined!  Besides the professional component, I am greatly appreciative of all the emotional support you have given over the past months!”        

- Ron Levenbaum, DMD
Middlesex County

I would like to thank Jason Gamble for his guidance and help selling my practice. His efforts allowed the process to progress smoothly, and his attention to details helped the deal to close quickly.

- Thomas Snashall, DDS
Grove City, OH

Transitioning with Jason Gamble and NPT was orchestrated with a high level of professional knowledge, efficiency, and above all compassion, during a potentially anxious time of exiting or entering a practice. I highly recommend their team!

- Deborah Champion, DDS
Allen County, OH

After 37 years of practice at the same location in Beavercreek, Ohio, it was time to retire. I called National Practice Transitions and spoke to Jason Gamble. I owned the multi-tenant office building where I practiced and Jason was able to find just the right buyer for my dental practice and my building at just the right price. He never gave up searching, and with his help and numerous contacts, the process went smoothly. I highly recommend Jason and National Practice Transitions when you're ready to sell your practice.

- Michael C. Ross, DDS
Greene County, OH

It was a pleasure dealing with NPT. You were honest and pleasant and always available to deal with my questions and concerns. You were always accessible and returned every one of my calls immediately. Furthermore, you even continued to help with issues even after your part of the process was over! I would highly recommend you (NPT) for any transition needs.

- Virginia Plaisted, DDS
Delmar, NY

“We just wanted to drop you a note, Rick, thanking you and NPT for your assistance in selling our dental practice. You were readily available during the whole process (from appraisal to final sale). We were particularly impressed with your negotiation skills. The deal you crafted between us (the sellers) and the buyer was a well thought-out arrangement creating a win for both parties. Again, Thank You and NPT!!"

- Dr. Chris Latvis and D. John Latvis Jr
Litchfield County, CT

“One of the most impressive things about Jason Gamble and National Practice Transitions is that he found me a qualified buyer in less than one month. And after the purchase agreement was complete, Jason continued to follow up to make sure that the transition was smooth. I would recommend Jason Gamble and National Practice Transitions to any doctors wishing to transition their Practice.”

- The practice of Richard A. Siegel, DDS
Franklin County, OH

I wanted to thank you and your company from the bottom of my heart for the extraordinary job you did in selling my practice. First, you are true gentlemen. Second, the amount of time and effort you put into the sale of my practice was above and beyond what I was anticipating and expected. You were constantly available and patient.

- Richard N. Harris, D.M.D.
Raynham, MA

Dr. Bernie Kowalski and NPT(National Practice Transitions) guided me through and greatly simplified the complex process of selling my practice. I couldn't be happier with the result and feel very confident in recommending them to anyone ready to sell their practice.                                                                                                                        Thanks again, Dr. John Roush DDS

- John R. Roush, DDS
Lancaster County, PA

“It was good fortune that led me to meet Dan Baccari of National Practice Transitions (NPT) at Yankee Dental Congress this past January. I had my practice in the for sale category for 2+ years with no results. At Yankee I had attended several practice transition lectures and spoke with others on the exhibit floor. After extensive discussions I felt an affinity for NPT’s philosophy. They had long discussions regarding my desires, etc. and fulfilled all my expectations and more. In summary, as of June 10th my practice is sold and transferred. If you find yourself in the transition arena, it would be in your best interest to have a discussion with NPT.“

- Douglas Bryans, DDS
Barnstable County, MA

NPT moved my practice so fast it was truly amazing. Before I met Dan Baccari of NPT, I had listed my practice for sale with several other brokers with no luck at all and got nothing but broken promises. NPT completed what they promised in a professional manner.

- Donald Macleod, DMD
Falmouth, MA

Thank you for helping us through this big transition. Now I understand the complexities of selling a practice. Again, your patience and calm were helpful. I am thankful that Jason Gamble. with NPT, worked with me to sell my practice in a timely manner. He coordinated all the people involved in the transaction and was always available to me for questions and answers. I would recommend him to help other dentists, as he is a true professional.

- R. Scott Huey, DDS
Kettering, OH

“It has been more than 14 years since I began practicing dentistry in West Monroe. I witnessed the growth of many patients, and many children who grew up with me now have children of their own. I was very reluctant to turn my practice over to just any dentist. After researching practice transition companies, I selected National Practice Transitions to help me find the right doctor to work with my team and take care of the patients I care so much for. Amanda Christy listened to my needs and helped me find just the right person. The whole team at NPT were very thorough and patient with me getting ready to move on with my next career adventure. I highly recommend NPT, and especially Amanda Christy, if you are considering a change in your practice life.”

- Henry A. Long, Jr., DDS
Ouachita County, LA

I greatly appreciate all the help, guidance and understanding you gave me. Your knowledge as a dental consultant coupled with your negotiating skills as attorneys made the acquisition and transition as simple as possible.

- Theodore Goldberg, DMD
Watertown, MA

Anyone looking to buy or sell a practice needs to seriously consider Scott Cabral and NPT. Scott’s in-depth knowledge of the dental profession and, even more importantly, his outstanding dedication to his clients, will make him an extremely valuable member of your transition team. Scott was always available to answer any questions or concerns and facilitated the transaction in a smooth and stress free manner. I highly recommend NPT.

- John J. Darby, DDS
Riverside, RI

Change is always stressful but I have learned that the right professional can mitigate the anxiety. Dan found the right match and took care of all the details. I am now looking forward to the next chapter in my career with great optimism. I could not imagine going through the process without Dan and NPT.

- Alan Lichtenfeld, DDS
Providence County, RI

Dear Scott, Just a note to thank you so much for all your work on the sale of my office. You made it much easier and quicker than I could ever have imagined. This was due to your complete control over every step of the proceedings. Also your calm demeanor and total knowledge of all aspects of the sale of the practice and the real estate made the sale go flawlessly. Sharon would also like to express her gratitude for your handling of everything. She said you made her life much easier by keeping me care free during the entire process. Hope to keep in touch while I enter a new phase of life in retirement. Thanks so much again.

- John A. Collins, DDS
Bellingham, MA

When I purchased and merged a practice through you four years ago I knew I would be using your service again in the future, as I was so impressed with your skill set and the way you handled the transaction. What I did not expect was for you to sell my practice in one day, for more than the asking price, with my choice of multiple candidates before it hit the open market. I think you took ‘under promise and over deliver’ to a new level. You, Scott, and NPT have tons of experience and great contacts in the industry, but in the end it was your people skills that made the whole process so smooth and enjoyable.

- Joseph A. Nash, DMD
Bristol County, MA

Thanks to NPT, my practice had a very smooth transition. Even under the best circumstances, it is a complicated process with unexpected bumps in the road. I cannot imagine having done this without NPT.

- Robert Bird, Jr., DDS
Litchfield County, CT

I have used NPT to assist me in selling my Rhode Island practice and again to purchase my Massachusetts practice. Your integrity and effectiveness in this industry is top-notch. Before using your services I thoroughly investigated your company.

- Timothy McAdams, DDS
Brewster, MA

I cannot thank Amanda Christy enough!! Without her the sale of my practice would have never happened, she went out of her way to make sure the sale went through coordinating I don’t know how many different people to assure the transition occurred. She always had my best interest at heart too; from dealing with a corporate group that appeared interested in the spring of 2013 to finding the Dr who ultimately purchased the practice. She was dedicated, concerned, and knowledgeable about every aspect of the process and worked tirelessly to see it through. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everything she did, when I say it could not have happened without her, I mean it. I highly, highly recommend her!!

- Thomas M. Hendley, DMD
Pageland, SC

I was very pleased with the service and results from Amanda Christy with NPT. She found a buyer for my practice in a very short time and was right there throughout the entire practice transition.

- Samuel J. Randall, III, DDS
Charlotte, NC

From start to finish, my entire experience with your company was a positive one. I would sincerely recommend you to any of my friends considering the sale of their practice.

- Gerald Jernegan, DMD
Braintree, MA